Dining and Night Life in Slovakia

The modern Bratislava is full of lively cafes, upscale shops and inviting restaurants open to strolling tourists.

Coffee lovers gather in the Vienna-style cafes that line the streets of the Old Town.

These are adjoined by a number of restaurants offering cheap Slovak cuisine - similar to the German one using pototoes, sauerkraut and cheese - but most of them serve fine international cuisine at really reasonable rates. Accompanied by typical local wines such as Tokaj, Riesling or Frankovka or distinctive Slovak beer you can enjoy true culinary experiences.

Bratislava is also famous for its pulsing night life. The city centre is loaded with trendy clubs and bars or jazz cafes. You can find quite a few of them along the lively Obchodna street.

No visitor should miss the UFO restaurant / club atop the New Bridge, that reminds of a flying saucer. It offers great meals, large selection of coctails and drinks along with the best views of the city.